Book Cover

In 2018, I started asking questions. This isn’t odd for me, because I always ask questions, people are annoyed by this behavior. But these questions were different, they actually had a significant purpose, and direction. I was inspired to find out who I was as a black man in America. We are not all born with the insight and legacy knowledge of our past. There is a lot of my families history that is cloudy and poorly understood.

As an artist, I believe we are tasked with the responsibility to explore and capture the events around us. We are the interpreters and philosophers. We ask questions, and produce symbols that help us all remember our ethos and ultimately establish our culture.

Since I didn’t have a great starting point with my family history, I decided to start with the people around me. As an African American, there is a shared experience among the people within my community. In short, this all lead to this portrait series and everything else is history.

Portraits for the culture has been an exploration for me. And I have enjoyed everything I have discovered about my self, and the people around me.

I am please to introduce this photo book. Its a compilation of all the work Ive done in this past year. I am also proud to have collaborated with a long time friend and writer, Brittany Knight, who transcribed and composed all the conversations. With additional commentary from me, this will be a great read.

The planned release is Sep 2019