This idea came out of the “4 The Culture series.” So many of the people I interviewed shared their experience of growing up without a father, or having parents who grew up with missing fathers.

This is personal to me because my biological father eventually succumbed to mental health issues. Luckily I had another father step in and do all he could to raise me well. I could not imagine with my life would be like without his influence. So this is dedicated to the both of them.

Purpose of the milk carton: When the milk carton kids campaign launched in the 80’s over 700 of the 1200 dairy produces participated in printing these kids pictures for free. The government eventually subsidized the dairy producers for participating. Alot of attention and importance was given to the children posted on the cartons. Hopefully we give our black men that same energy. 

Check the facts.

“The Missing Black Men” [5 by 5 foot milk carton, Acrylic, and cardboard.] I want to bring attention to the issue of black men missing from everyday life. Everyone can see the the effects of this. Just look on social media. 

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